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We want our developers to be able to start using Ext.NET right away so we've made Ext.NET easy to download at any time. However, in order to develop Ext.NET apps for commercial projects you will need to purchase Ext.NET.

Single Developer Bundle Five Developer Bundle Twenty Developer Bundle
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Ext.NET License One developer Five developers Twenty developers
Full source code Yes Yes Yes
Early access to next release Yes Yes Yes
One year Premium Support
Yes Yes Yes
Ext.NET Web App Development book What's this? One eBook Two print & eBooks Five print & eBooks
$598 $837
$2851 $3967
$10751 $14747
Bundle or License only?

Ext.NET Bundles offer amazing extras that you won't get by purchasing a License only. Check out the great benefits that come with an Ext.NET Bundle.

Ext.NET License only
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One developer License Five developer License Twenty developer License

Ext.NET Bundles. More than just a software license.

Ext.NET Bundles offer amazing extras such as one year Premium Support and priority access to next releases as standard. Check out all the benefits of purchasing an Ext.NET Bundle.

Ext.NET License only Ext.NET Bundle
Access to public releases for current version Yes Yes
Free standard forum support account Yes Yes
Free minor version upgrades (2.2 2.3 2.x) Yes Yes
Premium Help forum support account No Yes
24 hour a day forum monitoring No Yes
Emergency bug fixes No Yes
Full source code (SVN read only, previous and next releases) No Yes
Priority access to next release before public No Yes
Ext.NET Web App Development book What's this? No Yes
Max Initial response time No 24 hours
Standard Length of Premium Support No 12 months
Supports our hard working team Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions, asked and answered. Need to know anything else? Just get in touch.

Are upgrades included?

Each Ext.NET Pro license purchased includes free upgrades for all minor versions. Upgrading from version 2.4 to 2.5 to 2.x would all be free.

The Ext.NET Pro license key will also unlock prior releases, such as all version 1.x builds.

Major version upgrades, such as from 2.x to 3.x, will require a new Ext.NET Pro license.

Each Premium Support Subscription includes access to the full Ext.NET source code (C#).

Future Ext.NET Premium Support Subscription renewals are discounted (approximately 20%) from regular pricing at that time. You can save an additional 10% by renewing your Premium Support Subscription for two years.

How many licenses do we require?

Ext.NET Pro is licensed per developer. Each individual working directly with Ext.NET in an IDE (such as Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer Express or similar) is considered a developer. Each developer is granted the right to install and use Ext.NET Pro on workstations used by that developer for development purposes and to deploy Ext.NET Pro on unlimited domains, sub-domains and servers.

Ext.NET Pro licenses are sold in Packs of One (1), Five (5) and Twenty (20) developer licenses. Each Ext.NET Pro license allows for a single developer to install and use Ext.NET on unlimited workstations for development, and to deploy web applications built with Ext.NET on unlimited domains and sub-domains on unlimited servers.

Ext.NET Pro license Packs can be combined to make other quantities. For example, to license seven (7) Developers you would require one Five Pack + two One Packs. Please email Ext.NET Support if you would like a combination of products summarized on one Quote.

You will not owe Ext.NET, Inc any royalties for Your distribution of the Software if done in accordance with the Ext.NET Pro License Agreement.

I see an 'Unlicensed' message when I run my application?

The Ext.NET Pro license includes a "Trial License" which will work unrestricted on http://localhost or Once uploaded to a web server, the framework will still function, although will display an 'Unlicensed' message. The trial license does not expire, so you can take your time to determine if Ext.NET is suitable for your project before purchasing a License Key.

No functionality is disabled with the trial license.

Once your Ext.NET Pro license key is added to your application, the 'Unlicensed' message will be automatically removed.

An Ext.NET Pro license is required for all Ext.NET enabled applications, both internally accessed (intranet) and externally accessed (internet).

You can purchase Ext.NET Pro licenses for each Developer on your team from the Store. One License is required for each Developer using Ext.NET.

Is a separate license ASP.NET WebForm, or ASP.NET MVC required?

No. The Ext.NET Pro license includes support for both Ext.NET WebForms and Ext.NET MVC. A separate license for each is not required. Ext.NET also ships with an advanced Charting package, which is also supported in ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC. The Charting package is included in the Ext.NET Pro license.

Is a separate license to the Sencha Ext JS JavaScript library required?

No. The Ext.NET Pro license includes the right to use the Sencha Ext JS library as a part of Ext.NET, subject to the terms of the License Agreement. You do not require a separate Sencha Ext JS Commercial License to use Ext.NET, as rights are included to use Ext JS in commercial projects when used in conjunction with Ext.NET Pro.

The current release of Ext JS included with each release of Ext.NET is outlined on the download page.

Do you offer reseller, education, non-profit or charitable license discounts?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any discounts on Ext.NET Pro licenses. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our sales team directly (

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. After selecting the product to purchase from the Ext.NET Store you will be presented with several Payment Options, including the following:

  • Purchase order
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Check/Money order

If "Purchase order" is selected, you will be emailed an official Invoice with instructions for finalizing payment. Once the full payment has been received, your official Ext.NET Pro license key will be delivered by email. We do not deliver license keys until full payment has been received and confirmed.

What is your return policy?

We are not able to provide a refund once an Ext.NET Pro License Key has been delivered to you. Please take your time evaluating Ext.NET with the Trial License before proceeding with a purchase.

How can I access the Svn source code repository?

Read-only access to the Ext.NET Svn source code repository is included with all Premium Support subscriptions. If a Premium Support subscription expires, access to Svn will be removed.

The Svn source code repository provides access to the full source code of Ext.NET and the Ext.NET Examples Explorer. Svn includes all prior releases (/tags), the current release (/trunk), and if a vNext major version is being developed (/branches). The full commit log for this history of the product is available from Svn.

The recent (last 100) commit log is available to view online.

When a Premium Support subscription is purchased, you will be issued custom credentials to access the Svn source code server. These credentials will be different than your Ext.NET Forum credentials.

To connect to the Svn server, we recommend using Tortoise SVN (tutorial).

Can you provide more information on the Packt "Ext.NET Web Application Development" book?

The Packt “Ext.NET Web Application Development” book authored by long time Ext.NET community member Anup Shah (“anup” on the forums) was a year in works and is now available from the Packt website.

Visit Anup’s personal blog at

As a special reward for all Ext.NET Pro Bundle purchasers, we’re including a FREE copy of the eBook, or “Print Book + eBook”, depending on the quantity of licenses purchased. Details:

  1. Single Developer Bundle = One (1) free eBook
  2. Five Developer Bundle = Two (2) free copies of the Print Book* + eBook + PacktLib access.
  3. Twenty Developer Bundle = Five (5) free copies of the Print Book + eBook + PacktLib access.

* Includes free world-wide shipping.

Once your purchase of an Ext.NET Pro Bundle (license + premium support) is complete, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to acquire from the Packt website.